Man in pyjamas on laptop

These 5 Companies Will Let You Work in Your Pyjamas

If the thought of ‘remote work’ still creates visions of slipper wearing, disengaged employees sat at home under piles of last nights pizza boxes, then it’s time to look at the term a little differently. Studies continue to show that your average remote worker is actually deeply experienced and remarkably engaged from being ‘office free’—they’re often […]

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white office

How to Create the Perfect Productive Home Office

Being a remote worker can be tough. Despite what people tell you, it’s not all pyjamas and early finishes. With no formal office environment or beady eyed colleagues, it’s quite easy to succumb to the slippery slope of distraction without a moments warning. A sure-fire way to curb your wandering-eyed tendencies is to make sure the […]

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Man working on laptop

4 Ways to Get The Most Out of Remote Working

  How to Establish and Maintain a Productive Balance When Remote Working For many, working from home sounds like an idyllic situation. You get to wake up minutes before you start, wear whatever you want, and reheat last nights tuna penne for lunch without fear of co-worker judgement; amazing, right? Working from home is convenient, familiar […]

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