Healthy Hands

6 things you need to know to be a happy and healthy freelancer

When you’re a freelancer your work life can understandably become an all-consuming force, inevitably taking precedent over the not so insignificant matter of your health. As important as we all know work is, good health is vital if you want to, you know, live… This article will outline how you can get the balance just […]

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Man in pyjamas on laptop

These 5 Companies Will Let You Work in Your Pyjamas

If the thought of ‘remote work’ still creates visions of slipper wearing, disengaged employees sat at home under piles of last nights pizza boxes, then it’s time to look at the term a little differently. Studies continue to show that your average remote worker is actually deeply experienced and remarkably engaged from being ‘office free’—they’re often […]

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